By nicar — août 21, 2013

Here’s to you Paris

when I first reached out

you slammed each and every door

shut shutters

drew blinds

cut short calls

Location less

and language lacking

I tapped your shoulder

gentle unrelenting

gradually you turned around

Your face was beautiful-beaming

Your voice spoke cigarette softly

Your eyes back lit by nostalgia

Many men fumble your cobbled skin

they cheat and lie in your pits

dirt filth tears your river

spikes spires your sky

you gazed at me for a life time

then offered out your hand

sharing secrets when no one was watching

I told people you were mine

But Paris you don’t love your brother

not as you so love yourself

he’s full up on lies

Step down off your high horse

start sharing your sous

stop turning away the lowly fucks who collapse

your veins to give their own rhythm

When asked why you do it

you shrug ‘I don’t know’

cover me in wine silk kisses


you don’t know

Keep strangers at arm’s length

Fall to your knees, Fall in line

Keep me straight and narrow

colour me like the rest

you bore me you bore me

you bore right through me

Show your underbelly

that’s what excites me

it reacts to entice me

throws wrong at right

stews regrets

pisses ideas in airless garrets

painting, prose, poetry, song

hearts tinged tainted true

un seul rire jaune

When asked why you do it

you say you don’t know

look at life down your nose

smile sheepish

voice hushed

‘don’t damage destroy touch

what was made

what we had

don’t laugh

we can’t recreate it’

I left

and you loathed me

called my name from every corner

I promised empty, I’ll be back

when I can afford to keep you

This one’s for you, Paris.


Texte écrit par Rosie Lyness, étudiante d’origine Irlandaise en Français et en Musique à l’université de Leeds. Passionnée de poésie (lecture et écriture) depuis son plus jeune âge, elle a récemment lancé le blog krlioness pour donner de la visibilité à ses travaux.

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Co-fondateur de Culturizme, culturellement curieux, parisien d’adoption, photographe à mes heures perdues, gamer insatiable.

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